Legal Service In Tbilisi Georgia


Legal Service Tbilisi Georgia - Preparing legal documents and submitting them to the local authorities in order to establish a company in Georgia;

Legal advice (including via e-mail) and Legal Services in Tbilisi Georgia on drafting contracts for companies;

Drafting documents for the registration of a new company or reorganization or Registration of brunch;

Legal consulting for real estate registration, construction;

Representation and Legal Service in Tbilisi Georgia for different purposes in front of the administrative authorities in Georgia.

Oral and written consulting;

Representation at state/local organs/entities and providing relevant legal aid.

Translation of legal documents in Georgian, English, German and Russian languages

Accounting service.


Our Service in Tbilisi Georgia

We provide legal services in Tbilisi Georgia to our clients in all fields of law related to their business activities. Namely:



FAQ About Legal Service In Tbilisi Georgia


Which legal services ``Legal Service Georgia`` LLC provides?

Legal Service Georgia provides legal services in the following fields of law: Corporate and Business Law; Company law; Commercial Law; Contract law; Tax law; Real Estate law; Licenses and Permits; Commercial Litigation & Arbitration…We also provide legal services for the Natural Persons in the following fields of law: Employment & Work; Immigration; Education; Power of Attorney; Legalization & Apostil.


How can I contact Legal Service Georgia LLC?

You can contact lawyers of Legal Service Georgia LLC personally  by mobile phone +995 595 11 55 10; +995 595 33 28 03, as via on the following email


Can the team of Legal Service Georgia LLC serve clients distantly?

Legal services can be done in 2 proposed ways: 1)   Client personally visits Georgia, or 2)   The client is sending Power of Attorney and the team of Legal Service Georgia LLC handle all necessary procedures on the basis of POA.


Will lawyers of Legal Service Georgia answer questions for free?

Yes, team of Legal Service Georgia LLC are always ready to provide you with  thorough answers in short period of time for free.  


What is the cost of legal services?

The cost of legal services is different for different services. The team of Legal Service Georgia LLC will provide clients with detail information about the cost of legal services after the client will contact.